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Date Submitted : 28/03/2019 - 9:47 AM

When writing this article, I am currently a mother of two children, before I also had questions like you: "Is it good to eat cashew nuts? Especially for women during pregnancy "so today I will share the useful experiences that I have experienced.

When you are a mother or prepare to be a mother, you must be interested in nutrition before and after birth. Me too, when I give birth to my first child whenever I eat or drink, I wonder if this is good for pregnant women? Especially for the baby in the stomach.

I also heard and went to learn a lot and also happened to have a few cashew nuts in the south that day and said: "Cashew nuts are good and healthy. Especially women who are pregnant like children.

When I am pregnant, I often need to eat something very hard. Should try a few roasted cashew nuts, it is very delicious and it is so addicted to it. Later, when my baby was born, my abdomen quickly recovered like my friends after giving birth for a long time and it also surprised me.

At first, I did not think that thanks to cashew nuts but after studying it carefully and consulting with doctors, besides that effect, cashew nuts are still very effective for pregnant women (pregnant women) very much.

|| Unexpected effect of cashew on women's skin

Apart from the above reason, there are still 5 reasons why you should put cashew on the list of essential foods that are beneficial to the health of pregnant women.

Nutrients in 100g of cashew nuts follow FAO

Reason 2: Cashew nuts help strengthen resistance for children and pregnant women

Mothers want their babies to be born with a healthy body and good resistance in addition to taking supplemental vitamins. Cashews are one of the most useful mineral-rich foods.

With high copper content in cashew nuts, which helps the production of red blood cells to prevent anemia, enhances brain function so cashew nuts are essential in both the pre- and post-natal periods of pregnant women and babies. In addition, it will help mothers improve their sleep more.

Reason 3: Cashew nuts are able to help strengthen cardiovascular health

With high levels of unsaturated fat in cashews, it helps reduce bad cholesterol to help mother and baby have a healthy heart. In addition, antioxidants in cashews also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Reason 4: Cashews help reduce fatigue, stress and improve sleep

The time of pregnancy especially in the last months most pregnant women feel tired and stressful leading to stress that is not beneficial for the baby.

To reduce this situation, pregnant women can eat cashew nuts for improvement because there is a lot of magnesium in cashews that can help the body resist fatigue and stress. In particular, improve sleep very well.

Reason 5: Cashews help reduce hair loss and strong bones

When eating cashew nuts, the body of pregnant women will absorb an amount of iron and zinc. One of the two substances helps improve hair.

Iron will help make hair follicles stronger and reduce breakage. Zinc supports regeneration, nourishment and keeping the oil glands of hair active.

Besides, magnesium in cashew nuts combined with calcium will help strengthen bones.

Reason 6: Cashew nuts help to lose weight

After birth, weight gain is unavoidable for pregnant women so it is necessary to have a reasonable regimen of exercise and nutrition after birth to quickly improve the shape of things that many women have a headache. .

When carrying out weight loss, pregnant women should put cashew nuts into their nutritional ingredients because cashews are rich in energy and fiber and 80% of the fat in cashews is unsaturated fats, mainly Oleic fatty acids (Heart-healthy fats) will help mothers to control their weight to have a reasonable accompanying exercise regime without worrying about health effects.

+ Notes when using cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are very good but mothers should not be too abusive for the above reasons, but use it reasonably because something too much is not good. Mothers can equally divide cashew nuts for each meal and between 10 and 15 seeds per meal.

According to doctors, should limit the consumption of nuts in the first 3 months so mothers should use cashews in the 3rd month onwards.

Can refer to recipes about cashews to create rich dishes without boring. If you are afraid to cook, mothers can use salted roasted cashews very convenient and can be used in all circumstances.

Especially when mothers have a history of allergies to nuts, when there are signs of allergy to cashews, mothers should stop using it immediately to avoid affecting the fetus (Although allergies to seeds very few things, but mothers should keep in mind)

Above are the experiences I have experienced and learn, wishing pregnant mothers have good choices for themselves and their children.

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