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Taste of fat and perfect nutrition, cashew nut is a valuable source of income.



Taste of fat and perfect nutrition, cashew nut is a valuable source of income.

Date Submitted : 28/03/2019 - 9:45 AM

Taste of fat and perfect nutrition, cashew nut is a valuable source of income.

 On summer days, cashew nuts are cheap and cheap, as farmers are willing to pay anyway because they have collected seeds, only more money or that. Saying so does not mean that removing seeds is because the fruit is not delicious. On the contrary, anyone who has ever had the opportunity to enjoy some slices of fruit with little chilli salt, or squeezed a drink of water, will not forget the sour, sweet and peculiar taste, toughness in the flesh of this fruit.

Southern people are still accustomed to calling the cashew fruit and digging. As the name suggests, the seeds of "flipped" out, very funny. With a fatty taste, cashews are excellent ingredients for delicious dishes.

Cashew nuts: strange charm - 1

Southern people are still accustomed to calling the cashew fruit and digging. True to the name, the fruit of the "flipped" fruit out, very funny (photo source: internet)

From the tropical South America, this "close" plant is gradually dispersed to Africa, Asia and even Australia. Today, cashew trees are spread and become an abundant economic resource for many countries. If the weather is favorable, then it will flower three times in the crop, becoming a great resource for farmers. Otherwise, heaven just let the salt fog, frost, prolonged hot sun or rain left the season to hit the flowering season, the result could be the same thing as cotton, rotten fruit, seed fall ... white hands. Grown in both the land "dog eat chicken stones eat gravel" and withstand the conditions of diverse, harsh, cashew trees can not avoid "scythe" market when the price is down.

The thing to get the seed is. After harvesting, cashew nuts are sun-dried for crispy, roasted for nine and then billions are removed to remove the bitter outer shell to reveal ivory, fatty, fragrant seeds. After the crop, people there are idle to process finished cashew nuts, gradually roasting and separating cashew nuts become an income source for a part of the population here.

Cashew nuts: strange charm - 2

Cashew nuts with its unique flavor have attracted more and more dishes (photo source: internet)

The aromatic flavor and the perfect nutritional ingredient, this tiny seed makes up a rich source of income. Cashew consumption allows the body to absorb enough of essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc ... Thus, cashew nuts are considered as a valuable pharmaceutical product when bringing many benefits. Health benefits: cancer prevention, good for the heart, strong bones, good for nerves ... Rich in fat but not containing cholesterol, cashews are also golden food for dieters, vegetarians.

Cashew nuts with its unique flavor have attracted many more dishes. Roasted cashew nuts with salt, ready to go to the crust and immediately feel that the taste is hard to mix; enjoy the crispness of the golden aromatic cashew nut cakes; press a piece of malt candy, a cashew nut candy with a warm tea cup on a rainy day or even use as ingredients in dishes, cashew nuts still prove its versatility and exotic charm.

Cashew nut tart

Cashew nuts: strange charm - 3


Bread crust: 500g flour, 500g butter, 300g sugar, 2 chicken eggs, 500g cocoa powder, ½ teaspoon salt

Cashew nuts: 300g whole cashew nuts, 150g brown sugar, 20g butter cubes, 1 teaspoon almond powder


Tart crust: Add flour, butter, sugar, chicken eggs, cocoa powder, salt to the brass, mix well, and then thoroughly mix with your hands. Take a small amount of medium dough, put it in the cake mold, spread out with your fingers, creating a concave part in the middle. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C, put the cake in baking for about 10 minutes, remove the cake mold, let it cool.

Cashew nuts: Crush 150g cashew nuts. Melt butter on a pan, add crushed cashew nuts, brown sugar and almond powder to mix well, add a little water, cook a small fire to the slug mixture, stir the cashew nuts evenly until the mixture becomes sticky. Turn off the stove.

Put cashew nuts on the tart cake, store them in the refrigerator cooler to eat.

Fried chicken with cashew nuts

Cashew nuts: strange charm - 4


Chicken breast: 300g

Cashew nuts: 100g

Onions: 1 bulb

1 fruit green bell pepper, red, yellow, 1 teaspoon minced garlic, 1 teaspoon minced onion; Sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, white wine, seasoning seeds, salt, pepper; Cooking oil


Rinse chicken breast, cut into square pieces about 1cm thick. Onions, bell peppers cut square pieces

Mix minced garlic, sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, wine and salt together. Put chicken in marinated, soaked for 30 minutes

Heat the cooking oil, stir in the chicken to stir-fry the cashew nut to the island until the cashew is soaked with spices and pour into the plate.

Using the pan again, aromatic onion, onion, bell peppers in sautéed, so salt, pepper, seasoning seeds have just eaten. Pour chicken and cashew nuts, stir in hand, seasoning and eating, turn off the heat.

Salad of cashew nuts, papaya, shredded chicken

Cashew nuts: strange charm - 5


Shrimp: 200g

Chicken: 200g

Cashew nuts: 50g

50g of papaya, 50g of carrot; Lettuce and lettuce

Mixed salad: 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons of fish sauce, stir well


Peeled shrimp, removed the head, boiled, split. Boiled and shredded chicken meat

Papaya, carrot shavings soaked in cold water

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Taste of fat and perfect nutrition, cashew nut is a valuable source of income.

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